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This is the unofficial web page of the Houston Chapter of the international V-Max Owners Association.  All V-Max enthusiasts in the Houston area are encouraged to join the VMOA, but if you choose not to, you are still members of the "V-Boost Brotherhood" and are invited to participate in our e-mail list and rides.

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Galveston, oh Galveston,
I still hear your see winds blowin'.

February 4, 2001, the rendezvous at 288 and Highway 6 on the way to Galveston, from left to right: Walter Stevens, '99 V-Max; red '97 Honda CBR600 owned by photographer Cheryl Chanaud; Kevin Fiorillo, '90 V-Max; Mark Millwee, VMOA #1469, '99 V-Max; Michael Hansen, '88 V-Max; John Hindman, VMOA #147, '96 V-Max; Arnold Smith, VMOA #448, '85 V-Max; Mac McGuyre, VMOA #503, '98 V-Max and Joe Mueller, '90 V-Max.

Mad Mac installs a thread insert.

Installing Willie and Max Saddlebags on a V-Max.

Mad Mac Carves a Turn, MPE

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