Shipmate Stoves

Shipmate Stoves went out of business years ago, but selected instructions are provided below for your information.  It is my understanding that service and some parts for Shipmate Stoves are still available from Sure Marine Service, 1-800-562-7797.  Ask for Todd.  Another possible source may be Bill Flint at Repco Replacement Parts, 1-800-433-7146.

Shipmate Bottled Gas Stoves
Model 240, 260, C2853, 873, 882 and 883
Operation of Oven

Your new Shipmate Gas Stove is equipped with the latest safety valve which will automatically shut off the flow of all gas to the oven if either the main burner or the pilot flame goes out.

The oven burner is located under the shelf in the oven compartment (240, 260, C2853) or below the bottom of the oven (873, 882, 883).  The pilot is located next to the oven burner near the first port.

To light the pilot, hold a match under the end of the pilot fitting and depress the red button on the top of the stove.  After the pilot is lit, continue holding the red button down for at least 30 seconds, then release.  If the pilot flame does not stay lit, repeat the above procedure.

The pilot adjusting screw is located on the side of the valve with the red button.  Adjust the pilot flame in accordance with the enclosed sketch.  (Note: No sketch was enclosed with my instructions.)

To use the oven, turn the thermostat above 250 degrees Fahrenheit until the entire burner lights.  Then adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature.

When you are finished with your oven, turn the thermostat to "OFF".  The pilot will stay lit for your next oven needs.

NOTE:  The pilot lights may safely be left on between uses.  If it is blown out accidentally, the flow of all gas to the oven is automatically stopped by the safety valve.  If the cylinder valves on deck are closed, the pilot will go out.  When the pilot does go out, it must be re-lit according to the above procedure.

Shipmate Gas Burners

CAUTION:  Never operate these burners in a drafty location.  When in use this stove must be shielded from all strong breezes to prevent overheating and sever damage to the burners.

Check the clearance between the top of the gas burner (the ring of flame holes) and the bottom of the grate (spider that supports the pan).  This clearance should be at least 1/8-inch to prevent damage to the burner.  If necessary, the burner support bracket can be bent to lower the burner.

Each surface gas burner has an adjustable air shutter on the neck of the burner just behind the control valve.  Loosen the setscrew and rotate the air shutter until there is a 1/8-inch opening on each side.  Retighten the setscrew firmly.

Shipmate Stove 
gas burner drawing.

Warning Label

  1. Please read instruction booklet provided before using this stove.
  2. This appliance is designed for use with LPG liquefied petroleum gas (propane or butane) at 0.433 psi (7 ounces per square inch or 12 inches water column) pressure only.
  3. Keep cylinder valves closed when boat is unattended.  Close them immediately in any emergency.  It is recommended that cylinder valves be closed when appliance is not in use.
  4. Be sure appliance valves are closed before opening cylinder valves.
  5. Be sure to apply ignition source to burner before opening burner valve.
  6. Test system as recommended in sign posted near the cylinders.
  7. Never use flame to check for leaks.
  8. Warning -- Always provide ventilation when stove is in operation to replace oxygen and to vent products of combustion.  Do not use this appliance for comfort heating.

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