Luger Voyager 30

Ketch Assembly Instructions and Drawings
Sheet 17-22 of 22

Figure 68, Tiller
Figure 69, Rudder
Figure 70, Rudder Gudgeon
Figure 71, Luger Voyager Ketch, Starboard Side
Figure 71, Mainsail Detail
Figure 71, Mizzen Detail
Figure 72, Mainmast
Figure 72A, Mainmast Shroud Tangs, Chain Plate
Figure 72B, Table of Mainmast Shrouds and Stays Specifications
Figure 72, Mainmast Stemhead
Figure 73, Mainmast Boom
Figure 74, Mainmast Support Post
Figure 74A, Mainmast Tabernacle
Figure 74B, Mainmast, Tabernacle Assembly
Figure 75, Running Block
Figure 76, Deck Cleat
Figure 77, Main Sheet
Figure 78, Masthead Parts
Figure 78A, Masthead Assembly
Figure 79A, Spreader Attachment
Figure 79, Spreader
Figure 80, Mainmast Cleats
Figure 81, Table of Mainsail Line Lengths
Figure 82, Masthead Stays
Figure 83, Crutch to Support Boom when Trailering (Replaces Rudder)
Figure 84, Mainmast, Boom Assembly
Figure 85, Jib Clew Detail
Figure 86, Main or Mizzen Reefing Line, Outhaul and Topping Lift
Figure 87A, Tabernacle Modification for Supporting Boom while Trailering
Figure 87, Trailer Towing
Figure 88, Mizzen Tabernacle Casting
Figure 89, Mizzen Mast Radius Cut
Figure 90, Mizzen Mast and Boom
Figure 90, Mizzen Boom Detail
Figure 90, Mizzen Mast Detail
Figure 91, Mizzen Spreader
Figure 92A, Mizzen Outhaul, Downhaul
Figure 92, Mizzen Sheet and Bridle Rig
Figure 93, Masthead Anchor Light
Figure 94, Bow Pulpit
Figure 95, Bow Pulpit Lifeline Attachment
Figure 96, Lifeline Stanchion
Figure 97, Outboard Mounting
Figure 98, Electrical Schematic, One Battery
Figure 99, Electrical Schematic, Two Batteries
Figure 100, Paint Scheme

Sloop Assembly Instructions and Drawings
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Figure 72, Mast Assembly
Figure 72A, Mast Shroud Tangs and Chain Plate
Figure 72B, Table of Mast Shrouds and Stays Specifications
Figure 72, Stem Head Detail
Figure 72, Mast, Lower Section Detail
Figure 72, Mast, Upper Section Detail
Figure 73, Boom

Mast Raising/Lowering System

Instructions and Drawings, Sheets 1-2 of 2

No. 3080 Diesel Engine Installation Package

Cooling and Exhaust, Sheet 17 of 26
50 Gallon Fuel System and Venting, Sheet 22 of 26
Figure 22, 50 Gallon Fuel Tank, Sheet 24 of 26
Figure 23, Engine Compartment - Starboard View, Sheet 25 of 26
Figure 24, Engine Compartment - Stern View, Sheet 26 of 26

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